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Students are asked to print out the following assignment worksheets, read provided notes and readings and answer the questions as directed. Students are encouraged to ask for teacher help whenever necessary.

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Introduction to Psychology
Lesson Handout Lesson Title
Intro01 Psychology's Roots
Intro02 What is Anger?
Intro03 Anger Questionaire
Biological Perspective
Bio01 Intro to the Biological Perspective
Bio02 Your Brain
Bio03 The Hypothalamus and the Endocrine System
Bio04 Genetic Influences on Behaviour
Biological Perspective Test
Psychoanalytical Perspective
Psycho01 Freud and Personality
Psycho02 More of Freud
Psycho03 Neo-Freudians
Psycho04 Personalities Traits
Psychoanalytical Perspective Test
Behavioural Perspective
Behave01 Classical Conditioning
Behave02 Operant Conditioning
Behave03 More Operant Conditoning
Behave04 Abnormal Behaviours
Behave05 Disorders Part 1
Behave06 Disorders Part 2
Behave07 Disorders Part 3
Behave08 Disorders Part 4
Behave09 Disorders Part 5
Behavioural Perspective Test
Humanistic Perspective
Human01 Humanistic Perspective Introduction - Background
Human02 Intrinsic Motivation
Human 03 Intrinsic Motivation Pt. 2
Human04 Evaluating the Humanistic Perspective
Humanistic Perspective Test
Cognitive Perspective
Cog01 Cognition
Cog02 Cognitive Development
Cog03 Perception
Cog04 Memory
Cog05 Thinking
Cog06 Language
Cognitive Perspective Test
Sociological (Socio-Cultural) Perspective
Socio01 Conformity and Obedience (link)
Socio02 Attitudes and Social Behaviour (link)
Socio03 Cultural Diversity
Socio04 Interpersonal Attraction, Friendship and Love
Sociological Perspective Test
Psychology in the News
Psychonews01 Anger Management
Psychonews02 Risk Factors for Violent Kids
Psychonews03 School: A Giant Chain of Sexual Connections
Psychonews04 Teen Girls More Prone to Depression
Psychology Project
Psycho_project Psychology Project (Essay or Powerpoint Project)
Psychology Final Exam