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Socials 9 (Adapted)
Filename Lesson Title
gov01_what's_local_gov What is Local Government?
gov02_gov't_can_how The Gov't of Canada and How it Started
 gov03_gov't_organization  The Gov’t of Canada – How it is Organized?
Canada Before 1750
ss9a_episode1_01 Exploration
ss9a_episode1_02 French Colonization
ss9a_episode1_03 British Colonization
ss9a_episode1_04 New France - 1663
ss9a_episode1_05 The Seigneurial System
ss9a_episode1_06 The Catholic Church
Canada 1750-1763
ss9a_episode2_01 The Fur Trade
ss9a_episode2_02 Halifax and Louisburg
ss9a_episode2_03 Acadia and Deportation
ss9a_episode2_04 The Seven Years War - Part I
ss9a_episode2_05 The Seven Years War - Part II
ss9a_episode2_06 The Treaty of Paris
Canada 1763 - 1783
ss9a_episode3_01 Quebec and Proclamation of 1763
ss9a_episode3_02 The Quebec Act - 1774
ss9a_episode3_03 The American 13 Colonies
ss9a_episode3_04 Colonial Government
ss9a_episode3_05 Events Leading tot he American Revolution
ss9a_episode3_06 The American Revolution
 The Renaissnace
ss9a_episode4_01  Trade Increases in Europe
ss9a_episode4_02 The Growth of Cities
ss9a_episode4_03 A Middle Class Develops
ss9a_episode4_04 The Crusades
ss9a_episode4_05 The Resutls of the Crusades
ss9a_episode4_06 Itlay Begins to Change
ss9a_episode4_07 The Medici Family of Florence

Painting and Sculpture

ss9a_episode4_09 Michaelangelo
ss9a_episode4_10  Leonardo da Vinci
ss9a_episode4_11 Humanism and Church Reform  
ss9a_episode4_12 The Renaissance in Northern Europe
 The Industrial Revolution
 ss9a_episode5_01  What was the Industrial Revolution?
 ss9a_episode5_02 Changes in Agriculture
 ss9a_episode5_03  Machines and the Textile Industry
ss9a_episode5_04 Steam and Iron
ss9a_episode5_05 Improvements in Transportation
ss9a_episode5_06 The Domestic System vs. The Factory System
ss9a_episode5_07 Why was England the First Country to Industrialize?
ss9a_episode5_08 The Effects of the Industrial Revolution
ss9a_episode5_09 Children in the Industrial Revolution