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The following course is designed to be completed with teacher supervision and support. Students and teachers should print out a copy of the course checklist to monitor progress. Teachers can also print out a copy of the marks record sheet.

Students are asked to print out the following handouts and complete each assignment as directed. Students are encouraged to ask for teacher help whenever necessary

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Sentences Unit
Lesson Handout Lesson Title
Sentences01 An Introduction
Sentences02 Beginnings and Endings
Sentences03 Capitals and Punctuation
Sentences04 Compound Sentences
Sentences05 Concise Sentences
Sentences06 Double Negatives
Sentences07 Run-on Sentences
Paragraphs Unit
Lesson Handout Lesson Title
Paragraphs01 What Belongs
Paragraphs02 Real Sentences
Paragraphs03 Main Idea
Paragraphs04 Proof-Reading #1
Paragraphs05 Proof-Reading #2
Paragraphs06 Combining Sentences into Paragraphs
Paragraphs07 Topic/Supports/Conclusion
Paragraphs08 Descriptive
Paragraphs09 Expository
Paragraphs10 Narrative
Essay Unit
Lesson Handout Lesson Title
Essay01 Brainstorm the 5 Paragraph Essay
Essay02 Bibliography/Reference Model
Essay03 5 Paragraph Essay Assignment
Short Stories Unit
Lesson Handout Lesson Title
Short Stories01 Character – The Most Dangerous Game
Short Stories02 Setting - The Wish
Short Stories03 Plot – The Test
Short Stories04 Symbolism – The Lottery
Short Stories05 Lamb to the Slaughter
Poetry/ Novel Study Unit
Lesson Handout Lesson Title
Poetry Project Poetry Project w/ Worksheet
Novel Study01 Novel Study Assignment (Handout)
Novel Study 02 Novel Study Assignment Descriptions (Handout)
Novel Study 03 Novel Study Assignment Criteria/Cover Sheet
Media Unit
Lesson Handout Lesson Title
Media01 What is the Mass Media?
Media02 Headlines
Media03 Target Audience
Media04 Assessing Ad Campaigns (audio link)
Media05 Video Game Violence
Media06 Writing a Summary
Media07 Current Events #1
Media08 Current Events #2
Media09 Current Events #3
Media10 Current Events #4
Media11 Current Events #5
Romeo and Juliet
Lesson Handout Lesson Title
Romeo01 Act One
Romeo02 Act Two
Romeo03 Act Three
Romeo04 Acts Four and Five
Lesson Handout Lesson Title
Grammar01 Nouns
Grammar02 Verbs
Grammar03 Real Nouns Real Verbs
Grammar04 Regular Plural Nouns
Grammar05 Irregular Plural Nouns
Grammar06 Personal Pronouns
Grammar07 Adjectives
Grammar08 More Adjectives
Grammar09 Adverbs
Grammar10 More Adverbs
English Skills Unit
Lesson Handout Lesson Title
Skills01 Analogies
Skills02 Synonyms
Skills03 Antonyms
Skills04 Homonyms
Reading Comprehension
Lesson Handout Lesson Title
Reading01 Context
Reading02 Comprehension #1 – Pizza
Reading03 Comprehension#2 – Half Truths
English Project
Lesson Handout Lesson Title
Project01 English Course Project