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Socials 9 - Michael Cranny's Crossroads
Filename Lesson Title
Chapter 2 - English Civil War
ss9_06_engcivil01 Intro to the English Civil War


Regions and Society
ss9_08_engcivil03 Religion and the Stuarts
ss9_09_engcivil04 Stuarts and the Fight w/ Parliament
ss9_10_engcivil05 The Long Parliament and the Civil War
ss9_11_engcivil06 Political Art/Cartoons
ss9_12_engcivil07 The Lord Protector andthe Restoration
ss9_13_engcivil08 The Glorious Revolution and John Locke
ss9_14_engcivil09 Unit Project (Report)
Chpt 2 - English Civil War Unit Exam
  Chapter 3 - The French Revolution
ss9_15_french_rev01 17th Century France and its Peoples
ss9_16_french_rev02 Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette
ss9_17_french_rev03 The Enlightenment
ss9_18_french_rev04 The Revolution Begins andthe Estates General
ss9_19_french_rev05 The Revolution Grows and a King Returns to Paris
ss9_20_french_rev06 Declaration of Rights and End of the Monarchy
ss9_21_french_rev07 The Reign of Terror
Chpt 3 - The French Revolution Unit Exam
Chapter 4 - Napoleon
ss9_26_napol01 Napoleon's Early Career
ss9_27_napol02 Making France Strong and Becoming Emperor
ss9_28_napol03 Napoleon & Europe and the Rise of Nationalism
ss9_29_napol04 Abdication and Exile
ss9_30_napol05 Dictators Research Essay
Chpt 4 - Napoleon Unit Exam
  Chapter 5 - The Industrial Revolution
ss9_22_ir01 Why Britain?
ss9_23_ir02 An Economic Revolution
ss9_24_ir03 Mechanization and the Factory System
ss9_25_ir04 Society and Culture
Chpt 5 - Industrial Revolution Unit Exam
  Chapter 7 - The 1st Nations of Canada
ss9_31_nations01 Inuit of the North
ss9_32_nations02 Eastern Woodlands
ss9_33_nations03 The Plains Peoples
ss9_34_nations04 Peoples of the Plateau
ss9_35_nations05 Peoples ofthe Northwest Coast
Chpt 7 - 1st Nations Unit Exam
Chapter 8 - Arrival in Canada
ss9_01_arrival01 Arrival in Canada - An Introduction
ss9_02_arrival02 The Fur Trade and the French, English and Dutch
ss9_03_arrival03 The Royal Province of New France
ss9_04_arrival04 Life in New France
ss9_05_arrival05 Rivalry and Conflict
Chpt 8 - Arrival in Canada Unit Exam
  Chapter 9 - Canada Moves West
ss9_36_canwest01 Introduction and the HBC
ss9_37_canwest02 The North West Company
ss9_38_canwest03 Exploration
ss9_39_canwest04 Arrival of Settlers
Chpt 9 - Canada Moves West Unit Exam
  Chapter 10 - American Revolution and British North America
ss9_40_ar&bna01 Introduction
ss9_41_ar&bna02 The American Revolution
ss9_42_ar&bna03 British North America
ss9_43_ar&bna04 The War of 1812
Chpt 10 - American Rev. & BNA Unit Exam
ss9_geog_map_01 Intro to Map Skills - Lat. / Long. (need flash video)