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SS11(a) – Course Checklist
Lesson Title
Unit 1 (History) - World War 1
  Part I – Europe: 1900-Today
  1(1) Europe in 1900
  1(2) Europe Today
  Part II – Causes of WW 1 and the Start of WW1
  1(4) Nationalism
  1(5) Militarism
  1(6) Alliances and the Start of WW1
  Part III Canadians at Home During WW 1
  1(7) Working
  1(8) Women in the War
  1(9) Federal Government
  1(10) Canadians at Home
  Part IV – Soldiers and Warfare
  1(11) Fighting in the Trenches
  1(12) Battles of Ypres and the Somme
  1(13) Battles of Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele
  Part V – Armistice and the End of the War
  1(14) Armistice and the Treaty of Versailles
  1(15) League of Nations
Unit 2 (History) - Canada Between the Wars (1919-1939)
  Part I – The Early 1920’s
  2(1) The Soldiers Return from Europe
  2(2) Workers and Unions
  2(3) New Political Parties and Elections
  Part II – Life in the 1920’s
  2(4) The Economy
  2(5) Communication and Entertainment
  2(6) Prohibition and Sports
  2(7) Women and Minorities
  Part III –The Great Depression
  2(8) What it was and What Caused It
  2(9) What the Government Did to Help
  2(10) Canadians during the Depression
  2(11) New Political Parties and Elections
  Part IV – Events in the World at this Time
  2(12) The Rise of Nazi Germany
  2(13) The Soviet Union and Communism
  2(14) Italy and Fascism
  2(15) Japan and the Far East
Unit 3 (History) - World War 2
  Part I –
  3(1) Treaty of Versailles
  3(2) Italy and Japan
  3(3) Germany
  3(4) Germany and Appeasement
  Part II –
  3(5) The War Begins
  3(6) The Fall of Europe
  3(7) Battle of Britain
  3(8) Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic
  3(9) Germany Attacks the Soviet Union
  3(10) Dieppe: A Disaster for Canadians
  Part III – Canada 1873-1900
  3(11) Japan Attacks the USA
  3(12) Canada in the pacific War
  3(13) Battles in the Pacific War
  3(14) The Atomic Bomb: Japan Surrenders
  3(15) D-Day in Europe and the End of the War
  3(16) The Holocaust
  Part IV – Canada and the Canadians on the Home Front
  3(17) Canada Supplies the Allies Again
  3(18) Women and World War 2
  3(19) A Conscription Crisis
  3(20) Canada After the War
Unit 4 (History) - Canada After World War 2 (1945-1990)
  Part I – The Cold War From 1945-1950
  4(1) Europe just After World War 2
  4(2) What was the “Cold War”?
  4(3) The Cold War Comes to Canada
  4(4) What did the Cold War mean to the World?
  4(5) NATO and the Warsaw Pact
  Part II – The World of the 1950’s
  4(6) The Korean Conflict
  4(7) The Suez Crisis
  4(8) Canada Becomes a Middle Power
  4(9) The Role of the United Nations
  4(10) The British Commonwealth of Nations
  4(11) Canadians in the 1950’s
  Part III – The World and Canada 1960-1990
  4(12) The Cuban Missile Crisis
  4(13) Nuclear Weapons in Canada
  4(14) Canada and the Vietnam War
  4(15) Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his Times
  4(16) The Constitution and Charter of Rights
  4(17) North American Free Trade
  4(18) The Cold War Ends
Unit 5 - Government and the Law
  Foundations of Our Government – Chpt 9(1)
  The Federal Government – Chpt 9(2)
  Choosing the Government – Chpt 10(1)
  The Role of the Mass Media and Civil Disobedience – Chpt 10(2)
  The Rule of Law – Chpt 11(1)
  The Penal System and Youth Law – Chpt 11(2)
  Human Rights - Chpt 12(1)
  Human Rights in Canada - Chpt 12(2)
Unit 6 - Geography and Global Issues
  World Population Growth – Chpt 13(1)