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The following course is designed to be completed with teacher supervision and support. Students and teachers should print out a copy of the course checklist to monitor progress. Teachers can also print out a copy of the marks record sheet. A brief description of each of the lessons is available here.

Students are asked to print out the following assignment worksheets, read provided notes and readings and answer the questions as directed. Students are encouraged to ask for teacher help whenever necessary.

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Socials 11
Filename Lesson Title
cpchpt1(1) A Different Canada – Chpt 1(1)
cpchpt1(2) Urbanization and Economy – Chpt 1 (2)
cpchpt2(1) Canada and WWI (Pt. I) – Chpt 2 (1)
cpchpt2(2) Canada and WWI (Pt. II) – Chpt 2(2)
cpchpt2(3) War @ Home – Chpt 2(3)
cpchpt3(1) Canada in the Twenties – Chpt 3(1)
cpchpt3(2) The Economy Improves – Chpt 3(2)
cpchpt3(3) Missing the Roar – Chpt 3(3)
cpchpt4(1) The 30’s – A Decade of Despair – Chpt 4(1)
cpchpt4(2) Responding to the Depression – Chpt 4(2)
cpchpt4(3) Rise of Dictatorships – Chpt 4(3)
cpchpt4(4) Canada’s Response – Chpt 4(4)
cpchpt5(1) Canada and WWII – Chpt 5(1)
cpchpt5(2) War in Europe – Chpt 5(2)
cpchpt5(3) Canada’s Role in Europe – Chpt 5(3)
cpchpt5(4) The Tide Turns – Chpt 5(4)
cpchpt5(5) Japan Surrenders and the War @ Home – Chpt 5(5)
cpchpt6(1) Canada in the Post-War World – Chpt 6(1)
cpchpt6(2) The Issue of North American Defense – Chpt 6(2)
cpchpt6(3) Towards a More Independent Defense Policy – Chpt 6(3)
cpchpt6(4) Trudeau to Mulroney – Chpt 6(4)
cpchpt6(5) The End of the Cold War and the New World Order – Chpt 6(5)
cpchpt7(1) A Changing Society – Chpt 7(1)
cpchpt7(2) Post War Prosperity and Post War Politics – Chpt 7(2)
cpchpt7(3) The Trudeau Era – Chpt 7(3)
cpchpt7(4) Economic Challenges – Chpt 7(4)
cpchpt8(1) The Birth of Separatism in Quebec – Chpt 8(1)
cpchpt8(2) The Constitution Debate – Chpt 8(2)
cpchpt8(3) Aboriginal Nations – Chpt 8(3)
cpchpt9(1) Foundations of Our Government – Chpt 9(1)
cpchpt9(2) The Federal Government – Chpt 9(2)
cpchpt9(3) Is the Senate Worth Keeping – Chpt 9(3)
cpchpt10(1) Choosing the Government – Chpt 10(1)
cpchpt10(2) The Role of the Mass Media and Civil Disobedience – Chpt 10(2)
cpchpt11(1) The Rule of Law – Chpt 11(1)
cpchpt11(2) The Penal System and Youth Law – Chpt 11(2)
cpchpt12(1) Human Rights - Chpt 12(1)
cpchpt12(2) Human Rights in Canada - Chpt 12(2)
cpchpt13(1) World Population Growth – Chpt 13(1)
cpchpt18(1) The Future of Canada – Chpt 18(1)
cpchpt18(2) Is World Peace Possible? – Chpt 18(2)
current_events Current Events Project