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Socials 10 - Adapted
Filename Lesson Title
 Episode 1 – Canada 1783-1825
 Part I – Upper and Lower Canada
 ss10a_episode1_01 Who were the Loyalist?
 ss10a_episode1_02 Life for the Loyalists in Canada
 ss10a_episode1_03 Upper and Lower Canada
 ss10a_episode1_04 Concerns about Government in Upper and Lower Canada
 ss10a_episode1_05 Constitutional Act: 1791
Part II – The War of 1812
 ss10a_episode1_06 Causes of the War of 1812
 ss10a_episode1_07 Events of the War of 1812 - Part 1
 ss10a_episode1_08 Events of the War of 1812 - Part 2
 ss10a_episode1_09 Results of the War of 1812
 ss10a_episode1_10 Famous People of the War
 Part III – Fur Trading and the Expansion of Canada
 ss10a_episode1_11 The Hudson’s Bay Company
 ss10a_episode1_12 The Northwest Company
 ss10a_episode1_13 Explorers of the West Coast
 ss10a_episode1_14 Famous Voyageurs: Explorers in Western Canada
 ss10a_episode1_15 Scottish Immigration
 ss10a_episode1_16 The Red River Colony
 Episode 2 – Canada 1815-1867
 Part I – Upper and Lower Canada: 1815-1838
 ss10a_episode2_01 Changes in lower and Upper Canada
 ss10a_episode2_02 Lumbering is a New Industry
 ss10a_episode2_03 Competition in the Fur Trade
 Part II – Life and Government in the Canadas: 1815-1838
 ss10a_episode2_04 Life and Gov’t in Lower Canada
 ss10a_episode2_05 Rebellion in lower Canada
 ss10a_episode2_06 Life and Gov’t in Upper Canada
 ss10a_episode2_07 Changes Wanted
 ss10a_episode2_08 Rebellion in Upper Canada
 ss10a_episode2_09 Results of the Two Rebellions
 Part III – Canada: 1838-1854
 ss10a_episode2_10 Lord Durham’s Report
 ss10a_episode2_11 Act of Union in 1841
 ss10a_episode2_12 Life in the New Canada
 ss10a_episode2_13 Responsible Gov’t in Atlantic Provinces
 Part IV – Canada Becomes a Country: 1854-1867
 ss10a_episode2_14 Problems in the Two Canadas
 ss10a_episode2_15 Canada Needs a Federal Union
 ss10a_episode2_16 The Atlantic Colonies
 ss10a_episode2_17 Charlottetown and Quebec Conferences
 ss10a_episode2_18 The London Conference and Confederation
Episode 3 – Canada 1867-1900
Part I - The British North America Act
ss10a_episode3_01 Canada is a Federation
ss10a_episode3_02 The Structure of the Government
ss10a_episode3_03 The Powers of the Federal and Provincial Governments
ss10a_episode3_04 Problems of Confederation
ss10a_episode3_05 Different Cultural Groups in Canada
Part II – Canada Begins to Grow: Manitoba and B.C.
 ss10a_episode3_06 Rupert’s Land and Assiniboia
 ss10a_episode3_07 The Metis
 ss10a_episode3_08 Canada Buys Rupert’s Land
 ss10a_episode3_09 The Red River Colony Resists Confederation
 ss10a_episode3_10 Manitoba becomes a Province
 ss10a_episode3_11 Two Colonies in British Columbia
 ss10a_episode3_12 The Gold Rush in B.C. before Confederation
 ss10a_episode3_13 The Importance of B.C. becoming a Province
 ss10a_episode3_14 British Columbia becomes a Province
 Part III – Canada 1873-1900
 ss10a_episode3_15 Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island
 ss10a_episode3_16 Prime Minister John A. Macdonald
 ss10a_episode3_17 Building the Railway
 ss10a_episode3_18 The Northwest Rebellion
 ss10a_episode3_19 Immigration
 ss10a_episode3_20 Sir Wilfred Laurier and Immigration
Part I - Location and Place
ss10a_geog_unit_1_1 What is a Place?
ss10a_geog_unit_1_2 What are Boundaries
ss10a_geog_unit_1_3 Other Places
ss10a_geog_unit_1_4 How do we Find a Place?
ss10a_geog_unit_1_5 Places on a Map
ss10a_geog_unit_1_6 Understanding Legends
ss10a_geog_unit_1_7 Every Place has an Address
ss10a_geog_unit_1_8 Where in the World are We?
ss10a_geog_unit_1_9 Climate
Part II - Movement
ss10a_geog_unit_2_1 Geog 2(1) People Movement
ss10a_geog_unit_2_2 Geog 2(2) Goods and Trade
Part II - Human-Environmental Interaction
ss10a_geog_unit_3_1 People Adapt
ss10a_geog_unit_3_2 People Change the Environment
ss10a_geog_unit_3_3 People Depend on the Environment
Part III - Regions
ss10a_geog_unit_4_1 Formal
ss10a_geog_unit_4_2 Functional
ss10a_geog_unit_4_3 Vernacular