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Socials 10 - Michael Cranny's Horizons
Filename Lesson Title
horizonschpt1(1) Canada / Land of Yesterday
horizonschpt1(2) Upper Canada
horizonschpt1(3) Colonial Gov't and the Need for Reform
horizonschpt2(1) The Victorians
horizonschpt2(2) Building a Nation
horizonschpt2(3) Confederation Achieved / BNA Act
horizonschpt3(1) Intro to the Geography of Western Canada
horizonschpt3(2) Physical Regions of Western Canada
horizonschpt3(3) Climates of Western Canada
horizonschpt3(4) Natural Regions of Western Canada
horizonschpt3(5) The Cultural Landscapes of Western Canada
horizonschpt4(1) The Northwest in 1800
horizonschpt4(2) 1800 to 1860 in the Northwest
horizonschpt4(3) The Merger of the HBC and the NWC
horizonschpt4(4) The Red River Between 1860 and 1870
horizonschpt5(1) The Metis Flee Westward
horizonschpt5(2) The 1st Nation Peoples in the Northwest
horizonschpt5(3) The National Dream
horizonschpt5(4) The Northwest Rebellion of 1885
horizonschpt6(1) The Oregon Territory and the Colony of Vancouver Island
horizonschpt6(2) The Cariboo Gold Rush
horizonschpt6(3) The Colony of B.C. and the Emergence of Vancouver
horizonschpt6(4) The Chinese in B.C. and Economic Diversity
horizonschpt7(1) Emergence of Modern Canada
horizonschpt7(2) The Laurier Boom
horizonschpt7(3) Closing the Door to Immigration / The Struggle for Human Rights
horizonschpt7(4) Using Statistics Like an Historian
horizonschpt8(1) The Changing Economy
horizonschpt8(2) Economic Essentials
horizonschpt8(3) Canada's Economic Regions
horizonschpt8(4) Canada and the U.S.: An Overview
horizonschpt8(5) Freer Trade in North America
horizonschpt9(1) B.C. Resouorces / An Overview
horizonschpt9(2) Fisheries and Water
horizonschpt9(3) Agriculture and Mining
horizonschpt9(4) High Tech, Tourism and Demographics
horizonschpt10(1) International Trade Agreements and Canada
horizonschpt10(2) Canada and the Pacific Rim
horizonschpt10(3) Freer Trade with the Americas
horizonschpt10(4) Canada's Trade with Europe