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Unit # Assignment Additional Links
Unit 1 - Sustaing Earth's Ecosytems
1(1.1) Biomes  
1(1.2) Ecosystems  
  Biomes and Ecosystems Quiz (Quiz 1-1)  
1(2.1) Energy Flow in Ecosystem  
1(2.2) Nutrient Cycles in Ecosystems  
  Ecosystem 1 Quiz (Quiz 1-2)  
1(2.3) Effects of Bioaccumulation on Ecosystems  
1(3.1) How Changes Occur Naturally in Ecosystems  
  Ecosystem 2 Quiz (Quiz 1-3)  
1(3.2) How Humans Influence Ecosystems  
1(3.3) How Introduced Species Affect Ecosystems  
  Ecosystem Changes Quiz (Quiz 1-4)  
  Unit 1 Test  
Unit 2 - Chemical Reactions and Radioactivity
2(4.1) Atomic Theory and Bonding  
2(4.2) Names and forumulas of Compounds  
  Chemistry 1 Quiz (Quiz 2-1)  
2(4.3) Chemical Equations  
2(5.1) Acid and Bases  
  Chemistry 2 Quiz (Quiz 2-2)  
2(5.2) Salts  
2(5.3) Organic Compounds  
  Salts and Compounds Quiz (Quiz 2-3)  
2(6.1) Types of Chemical Reactions  
2(6.2) Factors Affecting the Rate of Chemical Reactions  
  Chemical Reaction Quiz (Quiz 2-4)  
2(7.1) Atomic Theory, Isotopes and Radioactive Decay  
2(7.2) Half-Life  Video Link
2(7.3) Nuclear Reactions  
  Atomic Theory and Radioactivity Quiz (2-5)  
  Unit 2 Test  
Unit 3 - Motion
3(8.1) The Language of Motion  
3(8.2) Average Velocity  
  Motion and Velocity Quiz (Quiz 3-1)  
3(9.1) Decribing Acceleration  
3(9.2) Calculating Acceleration  
  Acceleration Quiz (Quiz 3-2)  
  Motion Review  
  Unit 3 Test  
Unit 4 - Energy Transfer in Natural Systems
4(10.1) Temperature, Thermal Energy and Heat  
4(10.2) Energy Transfer in the Atomosphere  
  Temperature Quiz (Quiz 4-1)  
4(11.1) Natural Causes of Climate Change  
4(11.2) Human Activity and Climate Change  
  Climate Change Quiz (Quiz 4-2)  
4(12.1) Evidence for Continental Drift  
4(12.2) Features of Plate Tectonics  
  Tectonics Quiz (Quiz 4-3)  
  Unit 4 Test  
Unit 5 - Science Skills
  Science Skill 1 - Safety  
  Science Skill 2 - Scientific Inquiry  
  Science Skill 3 - Technological Problem Solving  
  Science Skill 4 - Societal Decision Making  
  Science Skill 5 - Organizing and Communicating Scientific Results with Graphs