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Unit # Assignment Additional Links
Focus A – Ecosystems
Chapter 1 - Ecosystems Support Life
A(1.1) What is an Ecosystem?  
A(1.2) Schoolyard Ecosystem  
A(1.3) Ecosystems Within Ecosystems  
A(1.4) The Needs of Living Things  
A(1.6) The Interaction of Living Things  
  Chapter 1 Test  
Chatper 2 - Energy Flows and Matter Cycles in Ecosytems
A(2.1) Food for All  
A(2.2) Food Chain and Food Webs  
A(2.4) Energy Flow Through Ecosystems  
A(2.5)  The Role of Decomposers in Recyling Matter  
A(2.6) The Water and Carbon Cycle   
  Chapter 2 Test  
Chapter 3 - Human Survival Depends on Sustainable Ecosystems
A3(3.1) The Role of Humans in Ecosystems  
A(3.2) Pollution of Ecosystems  
A(3.4) Land use and Habitat Loss  
A(3.6) Intro of Non-Native Species and Preservation, Conservation and Restoration  
A(3.8) Learning to Lessen our Ecological Footprint  
  Chapter 3 Test  
Unit C - Earth's Crust
Chapter 7 - Old Rocks can Be Recycled Into New Rocks
C(7.1) Minerals: Building Blocks of Rocks  
C(7.3) Familes of Rocks  
C(7.4) Fossils  
C(7.5) Weathering Breaks Down Rocks  
C(7.6) Erosion  
C(7.8) The Rock Cycle  
  Chapter 7 Test  
Chapter 8 - Earth's Crust is Made Up of Moving Plates
C(8.1) Earth: A Layered Planet  
C(8.2) Putting Together the Pieces of a Puzzle  
C(8.4)  Evidence for a New Theory  
C(8.5) Finding Patterns in Geological Data  
   Chapter 8 Test  
Chapter 9 - Plate Movements Cuase Both Sudden and Gradual Changes in Earth's Crust
C(9.1) Plates on the Move  
C(9.3) Earthquakes  
C(9.5)  Volcanoes   
   Chapter 9 Test