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Science 7
Lesson Title Adapted Supporting Videos (view in browser or right click, "save as..")
Humans and Science
01 What is Science?
02 Science and the Universe  02_doppler_big_bang_10_min
03 Science and Natural Selection  03_natural_selection_cc_12_min
04 Science and the Planet  04_age_of_earth_and_moving_plates_11_min
05 Science and Climate  
 Unit Test
01 What is an Ecosystem?


02 Ecosytems and the Needs of Living Things  eco_02_09_min
03 Interactions of Living Things  eco_03_10_min
04 Energy Flows Through Ecosystems  eco_04_07_min
05 Food Chains, Food Webs and Living Relationships  eco_05_11_min
06 The Water and Carbon Cycle  eco_06_10_min
Unit Test
01 What is Matter?

02 Physical and Chemical Changes  02_physical_chemical_changes
03 The Early Search for Elements  03_alchemy_crash_course_12_min
04 The Structure of the Atom  04_periodic_table_crash_course_11_min
 Unit Test
01 The Positives and Negatives of Electricity

02 Electrical Currents and Circuits  sci_02_tesla_13_min
04 Household Circuits  sci_03_household_wiring_7_min
05 Generating Electricity  
 Unit Test
Earth Science
 01 Earth: A Layered Planet of Plates
02 The Puzzle of Plate Tectonics  02_plate_tectonics_8_min
03 More Evidence for Plate Tectonics  03_new_evidence_11_min
04 Plate Movements and Earthquakes  04_earthquakes_tsunamis_8_min
05 Volcanoes  
 Unit Test