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The following course is designed to be completed with teacher supervision and support. Students and teachers should print out a copy of the course checklist to monitor progress. Teachers can also print out a copy of the marks record sheet.

Students are asked to print out the following assignment worksheets, read the pages indicated in the All About Law 5th Ed., and answer the questions as directed. Students are encouraged to ask for teacher help whenever necessary.

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Law 12 - All About Law (5th. Ed.)
Lesson Handout (Word Doc) Lesson Title Readings (PDF)
1(1)_intro_to_law Introduction to Law pg 2-33
1(2)_charter Charter of Rights and Freedoms pg 37-63
1(3)_barriers Barriers to Equality pg. 68-96
1(4)_why_law Why Law? pg 102-105
1(5)_apply_knowledge Apply Your Knowledge - Desert Island  
chpt_one_test Chapter One Test  
2(1)_criminal_law_intro The Criminal Code - An Introduction pg.106-113
2(2)_criminal_law_part1 The Criminal Code - Part 1 pg. 114-121
2(3)_criminal_law_part2 The Criminal Code - Part 2 pg 126-141
2(4)_criminal_law_part3 The Criminal Code - Part 3 pg 141-154
2(5)_criminal_drug_use Drug Use pg 161-171
2(6)_criminal_drunk_driving Drunk Driving pg 174-183
2(7)_accused_trial Bringing the Accused to Trial pg 190-199
2(8)_awaiting_trial Awaiting Trial pg 200-209
chpt_two_test Chapter Two Test  
3(1)_courtroom_organization Courtroom Organization pg. 216-220
3(2)_juries Juries and Jury Selections pg. 220-224
3(3)_evidence Presentation of Evidence pg. 225-234
3(4)_defenses Defenses pg. 235-247
3(5)_sentencing Sentencing pg. 254-264
3(6)_restorative_appeals Restorative Justice, Appeals and Prisons pg. 265-278
chpt_three_test Chapter Three Test  
4(1)_youth_justice_intro Youth Justice - An Introduction pg 284-291
4(2)_youth_justice_trials Youth Justice - Trials and Sentencing pg 292-303
4(3)_civil_disputes Civil Dispute pg 311-320
4(4)_negligence Negligence pg 338-345
4(5)_negligence_defenses Negligence Defensese pg 345-350
4(6)_more_negligence_types More Special Types of Negligence pg 350-357
4(7)_trespass_defamation Tresspass and Defamation pg 358-371
chpt_four_test Chapter Four Test  
5(1)_marriage_essentials Marriage Essentials pg 386-399
5(2)_separation_divorce Separation and Divorce pg 400-407
5(3)_child_custody Child Custody pg 417-427
5(4)_child_support Child Support pg 433-446
chpt_five_test Chapter Five Test  
famous_trials_project Famous Trials Project  
 formal_essay  Formal Essay