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The following course is designed to be completed with teacher supervision and support. It is designed tow work with the textbook Earth Science (9th Ed.) by Edward Tarbuck and Frederick Lutgens.

Students and teachers should print out a copy of the course checklist to monitor progress. Teachers can also print out a copy of the marks record sheet.

Students are asked to print out the following assignment worksheets, read provided notes and readings and answer the questions as directed. Students are encouraged to ask for teacher help whenever necessary.

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A special thanks to Paul Boyd and Allison Sheffield for their assistance with this course

Earth Science 11
Filename Lesson Title
 Intro to Earth Science
 People and the Environment
 Intro to Earth Science Assessment
The Solid Earth
Mineral Groups
  Earth Assessement
The Rock Cycle
Sedimentary Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
  Rock Assessment
Mass Wasting
  Weathering and Soil Asessment
Running Water
Floods, Basins and Groundwater
  Water and Groundwater Asessment
  Glaciers and Desert Asessment
Earthquake Destruction and Prediction
Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
Pangae: Before and After
  Earthquakes and Continental Drift Asessment
Volcanic Eruptions
Volcanic Landforms
Mountain Building
Mountain Types
  Volcanoes and Mountain Asessment
Geoligic Time
Radiometric Dating
Origin of Earth
Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras
  Earth History Asessment
The Vast Ocean World
The Ocean Floor
Ocean Currents
  Oceans Asessment
Intro to Astronomy
Our Solar System - Part I
Our Solar System - Part II 
 Astronomical Tools
 Solar System Assessment