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Communications 12
Lesson File Lesson Title
Sentences Unit


 Recognizing Sentences  
sentences02 Sentences and Sentence Fragments  


Declarative Sentences  
sentences04  Interrogative Sentences  


Run-On Sentences  
sentences06 Simple and Compound Sentences  


Sentence Combining  
paragraphs01 Parts of a Paragraph  
paragraphs02  Topic/Support/Conclusion  
paragraphs03 Descriptive Paragraphs   
paragraphs04 Narrative Paragraphs   
paragraphs05 Expository Paragraphs   
essay01 Research the 5 Paragraph Essay   
essay02 Bibliography/Reference Model   
essay03   5 Paragraph Essay Assignment  
  Short Stories
 short_stories01 Short Story Notes (Handout)   
 short_stories02 Story - The Most Ambitious Experiment  
short_stories02_worksheet Worksheet - Most Ambitious Experiment  
 short_stories03 Story - Lamb to the Slaughter  
short_stories03_worksheet Worksheet - Lamb to the Slaughter  
 short_stories04 Story - The Chastisement of the Lambs  
short_stories04_worksheet Worksheet - The Chastisement of the Lambs  
 short_stories05 Story - Rikki-Tikki-Tavi  
short_stories05_worksheet Worksheet - Rikki-Tikki-Tavi  
 short_stories06 Story - The Griffin and the Minor Canon  
short_stories_06_worksheet Worksheet - The Griffin and the Minor Canon  
  Poetry/Novel Study
 poetry_project_worksheet Poetry Project w/ Terms   
novel_study01  Novel Study Assignment (Handout)   
novel_study02  Novel Study Assignment Descriptions (Handout)    
novel_study03  Novel Study Criteria/Cover Sheet    
  Media Studies
 media01 Media Images  
 media02 Parts of a Newspaper  
 media03 Newspaper Headlines/Articles  
 media04 Fact or Opinion Writing  
 media05 Fact or Opinion - Movie/Game Review  
 media06 Parity Products - The Beer Ad  
 media07 Current Events #1   
 media08  Current Events #2  
 media09  Current Events #3  
 media10  Current Events #4  
 media11  Current Events #5  
  Business Letters
letters01  Business Letter Format  
letters02  Complaint   
letters03  Requesting Information  
letters04  Business Letter Quiz   
grammar01 Recognizing Nouns  
grammar02 Recognizing Nouns (Suffixes)  
grammar03 Common and Proper Nouns  
grammar04 Recognition of Verbs  
grammar05 Regular Verbs  
grammar06 Irregular Verbs  
grammar07 Identifying Adjectives  
grammar08 Descriptive Adjectives  
grammar09 Adverbs of Place and Time  
Parts of Speech
pos01 Double Negatives  
pos02 Conjunctions  
pos03 Punctuating Direct/Indirect Quotations  
pos04 Comma Use  
pos05 Capitalization  
pos06 Parts of Speech Review  
project English Project  
Reading Comprehension
reading_comp01 Word Context #1  
reading_comp02 Word Context #2  
reading_comp03 Word Context #3  
reading_comp04 Word Context #4  
reading_comp05 "There, Their, They're" Editing Exercise