Getting Started as a Teacher

As a teacher you will need to create an online account before you can start with your students and then link to their parents. Once created you will be able to access your account on the internet or by downloading the mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.


Follow the 5 easy steps below. Once you have an account you will have to create a "group" or a class. Once that "group" is created you will be given a "group code" to share with your students.


1. Log on to

2. Click on "I'm a Teacher"

3. Enter your email and create a unique username and password.

4. Set up your profile with your name, grade, subject and click "Next Step"

5. Confirm your profile and click "Go to My Homepage" and under "Your Account" found at the top right, click "Logout"


Download Written Instructions HERE

Watch a Video Tutorial HERE

Download a Sample Letter Home to Parents HERE