Creating a Parent account.

The benifit of a parent account is that you can link your account to your student's, which will allow you to recieve notifications regarding any assignments or notices that a teacher may send home. By creating an account and then downloading the mobile app you will not only be included in any posted assignments, but you will also recieve copies of posted worksheets or support links. In this sense, communication between teacher and parent does not have to rely upon the student.


Before you can download the free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play, you must set up an account online by following these steps;


1. Log onto

2. Click on "I'm a Parent"

3. Enter your name and a "Parent Code" that will be provided by your student.

4. You will be asked to state your reletionship to your student.

5. Provide your email, which will be your Edmodo username.

6. Create a unique password that you will remember

7. Click on "Sign Up for Free"


Download Written Instructions HERE


Watch a video tutorial HERE.