Once inspired, the possibility for cross-curricular applications is almost limitless. Here are some links to some really helpful people who have done a lot of the leg work for you!

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This is a FANTASTIC website. Aside from providing some really novel and unique ideas on how to re-use materials for container gardens, it has an excellent data base on cross-curricular theme and activities that you can use. What is nice about this data bank is that it has both a "keyword search" and a "keyword index" that makes browsing for cross-curricular ideas a breeze!



A teacher by the name of George Watts has created three PDF files that have a total of 46 separate cross-curricular, detailed lessons plans that he uses in his Montessori classroom. The lessons are leveled for K and Pre-K students, Primary and Grades 4, 5. Definately worth a look.



This is a commercial site which has a combination of free to download and some member only products. There are some interesting gardening lesson plans and PDF printables available for free. There is a 7 day free trial offer.



Another commerical site that allows teachers to purchase lesson plans and ideas from their store, however there are a few free downloadable PDFs as well. What is worth checking out is their Youtube channel that has all sorts of teacher made videos of various "backpocket" activities or full-blown lessons. The Youtube channel is found HERE and is a great place to gets some ideas!